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Since 2002, PCCI has been delivering outstanding customer experiences solutions across a wide range of industries. We focus all our efforts into a single dedicated business to help our clients solve businesses challenges in terms of customer relationship management by providing unique multi-channel customer service and support in a very cost-effective way.
Our solutions incorporate years of experience working with major worldwide companies. We understand how to match our clients’ needs the right solutions.

We support our dedication to providing our clients a more extensive value proposition with a vision based on the following main features:

Omni-channel solution

At PCCI, we are aware of today’s businesses challenges driven by the ICT revolution, the Smartphones in particular, making customers more and more demanding in terms of customer service and affecting the overall organization. We have prepared for this revolution by putting at your disposal an omni-canal platform.

Our Omni-channel solutions, include Phone, Personalized Care, Email, Chat, and Social media and help you to add value for your clients at every stage of their customer lifecycle while driving long-term revenue and reducing cost to serve.


PCC’s approach is entirely geared towards bringing added value to your business which goes beyond the management of your customer service. In close cooperation with your organization, PCCI acts as a creative force as it deploys its full capabilities to design innovative and customizable solutions and services helping you drive greater customer loyalty and higher lifetime value.


We maintain an ongoing commitment to new and value-creating technologies that provide rich experiences for your customers. Using leading-edge technologies and taking initiatives such as the creation of IT services Labs, we incorporate new technology developments into our solutions. Whatever your business challenges, we can provide you with customizable and efficient solutions compliant with security standards.


Our commitment to quality is closely related to operations security and we provide a highly secure environment for your business.

We do this through:

  • Providing telecom, networks & IT platforms with full backup
  • Dedicating single information system (IT network, server, equipment etc…) to each client
  • Permanent audit of Telecom, IT and operations platforms

Human resources

Our first asset is the quality of our people. Particular attention is given to the recruitment of our employees as well as for the Customer Service Representives as for the supervising staff and management.
Our Customer Service Representives are graduates from the business schools and universities with real career advancement opportunities.
PCCI employees come from different backgrounds, and this melting pot reflects our international dimension with over 30 nationalities represented.

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