The Voice of the Customer- How customer feedback will improve your business

Voice of the Customer is a powerful participative marketing tool which allows creating a highly effective loyalty program. It gives the customer an opportunity to contribute to the creation and improvement of products. Indeed, through a participative approach, customer reviews are collected with a focus on customer experience. With these reviews, companies can develop products and services which better meet the expectations of their customers.

In order to capture the Voice of the Customer it is essential to set up an information gathering and processing system using Social Networks, the website, qualitative and quantitative research, point of service feedbacks etc.
Some of these systems are very structured while others may need to analyze verbatim transcriptions to understand the customer expectations.

So, customer’s feedback enable a company to better know its customers for better strategic or operational decisions. The feedback analysis drives a comprehensive and continuous improvement on products/services. As experts of the customer relationship management, contact centres can develop a dedicated action plan to address dissatisfied customers.

Furthermore, employee engagement is also essential. Yes, Voice of the Customer is not an exclusive domain of the Marketing Department or the Customer Service Department. Customer experience should be the priority at all levels in a company. Indeed, complaints or inquiries may concern several services (either the front or back office) and require a daily employee engagement for quick and efficient processing of customer feedback, whether positive or negative.

Voice of the Customer is therefore a must-have monitoring mechanism to gather customer feedback. It enables a dynamic monitoring of customer satisfaction and proactivity in making strategic and tactical decisions to face market realities.

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