Building a Personalized Customer Experience - Tips to increase your customer loyalty

As customers are at the heart of how the company goes about its business and generate revenues, it is important to keep them happy and fully satisfied. Customer experience customization helps your deliver tailored offers that meet your customers’ expectations and therefore build and sustain loyalty.

However, to succeed in customization, it is vital to enrich your customer database through a good qualification.

Why customize?

Customization sells
Indeed, providing customized offers and promotions often guarantee a strong return on investment. So, a recent research published by EConsultancy shows that companies using customization techniques recorded a 3% average sales growth.

Customers expect it
Customers expect from their brand to provide the best customer experience across multiple channels: web, mobile, shop, contact center. Companies must have updated database centralizing customers ‘behaviors and preferences in order to improve their services portfolio while enhancing customer satisfaction.

The lack of customization includes risks
Companies that do not customize their customer experience are exposed to a decrease in revenues and loss of customers. They must anticipate their customers’ expectations and satisfy them better and before competitors.

How to customize your customer experience?

Segment your customer base
Segmenting your customer base helps you provide targeted services. This customer base must be comprehensive, updated and usable by your company staff.

The key elements of customization

  • A good targeting
  • A focus on your customers feedback
  • An excellent responsiveness in case of claims

Understand your customer for a long-term relationship
Acting in accordance with your customers expectations and listening to them at the first stage of your relationship are true differentiating factors to build a sustainable loyalty business.

[1] The Realities of Online Personalisation, Econsultancy, avril 2013

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